As of March 2019, we no longer carry Aromatic Rice. Thank you for your support of our Fair Trade products.

This rice is traditionally used for festivals and is said to announce a celebration with its aroma. A robust short grain rice works well for any dish you've been serving with regular brown rice. 

Heirloom rice in the Phillippines
rice pilaf
Aromatic Rice
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Trading Partner: Revitalizing Indigenous Cordillera Entrepreneurs (RICE Inc.)




Origin Information

All our rices are grown in the ancient rice terraces of the northern Philippines. Each is distinct in flavour, texture and colour. Supporting seed diversity and organic farming, this Fair Trade project is interested in preserving these rich food systems.

Historical Rice Terraces: In 1995, UNESCO designated five of the rice terraces in the Cordillera Mountains as a World Heritage Site in the category of "Living Cultural Landscape". 

Direct Fair Trade Premiums:  40% of the price we pay for rice goes to support Rice Inc in their effort to build this project. Their capacity building efforts include visiting farmers, providing workshops and training, organizing co-operatives etc.

Description: A great alternative for pasta or barley.



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