HOW TO: Aeropress

It's a modular tube, delivering exceptional taste. But one looming question always follows the Aeropress wherever it goes: "How do I use it?".

Level Ground Trading - How to use an Aeropress

Fear no more, we've got two recipes for ways to enjoy the Aeropress.

Method #1: Level Ground's Favourite Method

Warning: we use the inverted method. There is no reason to be afraid of it. Let's conquer that fear together! 

Recipe: 1 1/2 scoops ground coffee, enough water to fill the aeropress


  1. Put the top chamber inside the bottom chamber, and turn over. (It should look like the photo above.)
  2. Add 1 1/2 aeropress scoops of ground coffee (or 3 tbsp) *it's a really, really good idea to use the funnel to add the coffee. If grinds get into the top, step 6 might get tricky!
  3. Fill with water to just above the #1 and just below the rim.
  4. Wait 30 seconds, then stir.
  5. Fill with water again up to #1. Set timer.
  6. Screw lid (with pre-wet filter in it) to the top chamber. (*We hope you used the funnel in step 2, or this could get awkward.)
  7. When timer reaches 2 minutes, turn over* and press. 

*Turning over is really just like pouring from a regular spout. Turn it confidently, and you will have no problem.  

Level Ground Trading - How to use an Aeropress
Level Ground Trading - How to use an Aeropress


Method #2: SCAA Recommendation. 

Recipe: 33g fine grind coffee, 113g (mL) of water


  1. Place filter in Aeropress & preheat by pouring hot water through it.
  2. Add coffee to bottom chamber of Aeropress & place on scale; tare scale to zero with cup underneath the Aeropress.
  3. Start timer and add 113g (mL) of water.
  4. When all the water has been added, stir the slurry (coffee & water mixture).
  5. When timer reaches 1 minute, stir slurry, add top chamber and press like mad.

This will produce a concentrated drink that can be enjoyed on its own or can be diluted with equal parts hot water to produce a more American-like beverage.