Welcome to the Family: Africa Coffee!

We are excited to officially welcome a new coffee to the Level Ground family: Africa!

This delicious dark roast is a craft blend of beans from Ethiopia, Tanzania, and D.R. Congo. It is currently available in a 2lb bean format through Costco in Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB).

If you like a crowd-pleasing cup of dark roast coffee with notes of dark chocolate and orange, this coffee is for you.

Level Ground Africa Coffee

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we used to offer a 2lb Tanzania Dark Roast through Costco. This coffee is no longer available. Here’s why:

What started as a problem-solving mission, turned out to be an opportunity to become experts at blending.

2018 was a year of major disruption for coffee cooperatives in Tanzania. The Tanzanian government announced a transition to centralized, auction-based coffee buying. This change meant that Level Ground could not continue purchasing organic coffee directly from farmers in Ileje, Tanzania. 

We were still able to access some coffee from these farmers, but our supply was limited.

So we started to do something we’ve been dreaming of for years: blend more coffees! We knew that craft blending produces an incredible cup of coffee (have you ever had our seasonal Winter Blend?). Using his expertise as a Q-Grader and Roastmaster, Joshua got to geek out and create a delicious craft blend.

By combining coffees that we already had relationships with (Tanzania, Ethiopia, and D.R. Congo) we could blend to create an incredible cup unlike any other. And we could continue to source from the relationships we had established with co-ops in those countries. It was an absolute win-win. Great coffee, from people we loved, blended and roasted in Victoria, and enjoyed across Canada.

And that’s how Africa blend was born. From disruption to delicious coffee.

Level Ground Africa Coffee

I have now been trying your Africa blend. It’s spectacular. You guys have really nailed it! Congratulations. This is really a great coffee.
We have picked up a couple of bags already and are really enjoying it! We plan on picking up a couple more bags in the very near future! Very good!