New Job Posting: Bookkeeper

Position: Bookkeeper

Position Type: Full-time, 37.5 hours per week

Effective: January 2018

Compensation: $33,000 per annum. Review after three months of employment.

Paid Time Off: 13 days + 1 day/year longevity (pro-rated)

Submit resume to by January 5th.

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Job Overview

The accounting team is responsible for accounting and financial data keeping and analysis for a growing company with 35 employees. This includes: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, benefits, banking, finance, inventory, human resources and logistics. This department works closely with each of the other departments to ensure customers are happy and our supply-chain is transparent and efficient. Employees are required to read our Employee Handbook and other important information in our wiki.

 The main deliverables of this position are:

  • Able to work within a team and under the supervision of the Accounting Lead;
  • Enter accounts receivable entries to ensure financial statements are current and accurate;
  • Provide assistance for accounts payable as needed;
  • Collaborate with the Sales Team to ensure a positive customer experience.


Applicants are requested to submit a cover letter and resume to

Applications close January 5th.