Bolivia Coffee: From Crop to Cup

Imagine this: you wake up, gently stirred by the smell of freshly ground beans. They’ve been scooped into a French press, bathed in hot water, and eventually pressed. The steaming brew has been poured into your favourite ceramic mug, combined with cream (or sugar, if you so please), and slowly brought up to your lips.

Coffee: it’s a morning ritual for many, but how did those beans get from the crop into your cup? The following is the journey from crop to cup for our organic coffee from Bolivia.


Meet Pedro.

Stacey (Level Ground) with Pedro, Pedro Pablo, and Daniella.

Stacey (Level Ground) with Pedro, Pedro Pablo, and Daniella.



This is where the journey of coffee begins: at origin, with dedicated farmers like Pedro and his family. Together they run Agricafé, which coordinates the crop of small-scale organic farmers in Bolivia. In the middle of the night, farmers line up in taxis to deliver their green beans to Agricafé. It’s a late-night process, but it’s worth it on both ends: farmers get the best price, and Agricafé always gets the best beans. Agricafé works hard to improve capacity and quality for farmers by providing resources and workshops. Because Agricafé works directly with farmers (no middle man), more money goes directly into the farmers’ pockets. Pedro and the Agricafé team combine the green beans from the farmers, and put the beans through rigorous quality testing (such as UV lights and hand sorting). From this they start to prepare the shipment, and send us a sample of what we can expect.



In comes Joshua del Sol, our Roastmaster and Quality Expert.


At home in Victoria, BC, Josh receives a 350g sample of coffee that represents a 40,000lb container! Joshua and his team will confirm quality through roasting, and then cupping the sample. Cupping is a coffee tasting where any flaws in the beans are exposed. After cupping, the team will (hopefully) approve the entire container based on the sample received. Once approved, the container is loaded and heads out on the ocean.  



We receive the coffee, and then our roasters do their magic.


After testing the coffee again, and again, the roasters get to work. Roasting is equal parts art and science. Once roasted, the coffee is packaged by our team and then shipped out. All so you can wake up and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.


Good from crop to cup.

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