Fundraising with Level Ground: We are all in this together

Written by Steven Metzger of Hudson's Hope, BC

I really enjoy doing Level Ground fundraising sales in my town, not only for the funds raised and the great products delivered, but also because the sales connect me and my community to growers and producers in other far away parts of the world. Sales are easy – buyers love Level Ground products – and my profits support the Friends of Hudson’s Hope.

The Friends of Hudson’s Hope operates our local thrift store and food bank in Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia. At Christmas time they provide holiday hampers to senior citizens and others in need. They arrange transportation for people who must travel for medical appointments but don’t have their own transportation. All of their services are an integral part of what makes our small, isolated town the wonderful place that it is, and Level Ground sales support these services.

Sales are easy, buyers love Level Ground products!
— Steven Metzger, Fundraising Customer

But the sales are more than a local event. In this sale I have orders for products from Columbia, Congo, Tanzania, Peru, Uganda, and India – and I know there will be others. These sales show how we interconnected – a concept called interbeing by Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk and author.

A mother who shops at the Thrift Store to clothe her children, and my friend who buys 2kg of sugar for use in making bread are both connected to a grower in Columbia, and to all of the people, insects, and equipment that are needed to allow that grower to produce the sugar. Everyone and everything involved in producing the wheat, milk, salt, and yeast that go into the bread are also connected through this sugar buyer to the grower in Columbia, and to everything connected to that grower.

I could continue the connection web forever, but my point, I hope, is clear. We are all connected through the simple act of purchasing a bag of coffee, tea, fruit, or sugar, and Level Ground is the glue. The web that connects a sugar producer in Columbia to a baker and a mother shopping for clothes in Canada grows and grows.  It goes on and on and on. We, all of us, all of everything, “inter-are.”

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