10 Benefits of Loving Mother Nature

This post comes to us courtesy of the Compost Council of Canada. We're fortunate to partner with them as we navigate our way with a Compostable Coffee Package! To read more about the Composting Council of Canada, check out their website here


Recycling your organics is really like batting a home run for Mother Nature. There are so many benefits that can be realized with this simple, thoughtful action including:

Sending less to landfill. Organics represent over one-third of the materials being sent to landfills. Whether through backyard or large-scale composting or anaerobic digestion, those banana peels, apple cores and other organic materials can be recycled.

Reducing greenhouse gases. According to Environment Canada, landfill sites account for about 20 per cent of Canada's total methane emissions, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of its global warming potential. It's the organics that are buried in the landfill that are a key contributor to this production of greenhouse gases.

Recovering valuable materials. Composting produces compost, the single most important ingredient for healthy and productive soil.

Decreasing soil erosion. Soil erosion can remove nutrients from the soil, reducing its productivity, as well as reducing runoff that can carry sediment, nutrients and chemicals into waterways thereby creating new sources of pollution. Compost helps enhance soil structure and binds soil particles together.

Revitalizing soil. Compost helps provide sustenance for the very necessary biological diversity in the soil. Plants depend on this to convert materials into plant available nutrients and to keep the soil well-aerated.

Reducing the need to water. By improving the soil structure through the addition of compost, water is retained and available for plants.

Reducing the need for pesticides. Compost can help suppress plant diseases.

Saving money. Through backyard composting, you can turn your leftover organics into a valuable soil amendment without spending a dime.

Making your garden grow. Compost provides essential organic matter for the soil, which is of fundamental importance to its' health, vitality and fertility.

Making a positive environmental difference. With compost, you can take resources otherwise regarded as waste - organic residuals - and turn them into something of value while at the same time realizing landfill and greenhouse gas reductions, improved soil productivity and water quality.