Jenna is a force to be reckoned with. She’s got an unsinkable drive and determination that lies beneath a finger snap and a moonwalk. That might not make much sense, but when you’ve spent time around Jenna - an impromptu dance party isn’t far behind.  She manages our food service and cafe sales. Her ability to connect with people is nothing short of inspiring and her infectious laugh can crack the iciest of moods.  


She’s been with Level Ground since 2010 and has held onto our sales team with pitbull intensity. You’ve got to have a resilient spirit and enjoy the chase if you’re in sales and Jenna’s managed to take a wily category and give it kind attention. She’s a great listener, hilarious story teller, and a steadfast champion of the farmers we work with. In 2015 she went to Colombia to visit coffee and fruit farmers and her passion for advocating for Fair Trade has been ignited ever since.


She embodies the West Coast daily: recently graduating from Yoga Teacher Training, adventuring in her Westfalia, surfing on weekends, all while raising two fierce boys. Very few people know how to bliss like Jenna. We’re so fortunate to have her unique spark and enduring loyalty.