She’s our marketing go-to and resident cat herder. Her job is to corral the wily ideas in our creative department and turn them into successful (and beautiful!) customer motivators. There are a LOT of great ideas floating around this company (and strong opinions attached to each). She handles every hare-brained idea with ease and grace. She’s even editing her own Staff Saturday write-up (hopefully she leaves in the good parts - don't worry , I did!). She’s a crazy crossfitter and maintains caring relationships with friends and family. She probably wears a little too much plaid and might find Chantelle a little funnier than the rest of us.


Robyn has been at Level Ground before - in Accounting to be exact! From combing over label details to planning and coordinating marketing events, her attention to detail and mind for business are very welcome skills in the land of unicorns and sunshiny dreams. It’s a rare gift to find someone who speaks “ooh pretty!” and “ooh pricey!” at the same time.  


She’s able to listen to the strangest statement and extract gold. She has a quirky sense of humour, a kind heart, and a quick mind. She’s genuine in her praise and gentle with her feedback. We’re blessed to have her watchful eye carefully curating the stories that we tell and the pictures we share.  

Clifford, the big red truck.