Staff Saturday


Jenna is a force to be reckoned with. She’s got an unsinkable drive and determination that lies beneath a finger snap and a moonwalk. That might not make much sense, but when you’ve spent time around Jenna - an impromptu dance party isn’t far behind.  She manages our food service and cafe sales. Her ability to connect with people is nothing short of inspiring and her infectious laugh can crack the iciest of moods.  


She’s been with Level Ground since 2010 and has held onto our sales team with pitbull intensity. You’ve got to have a resilient spirit and enjoy the chase if you’re in sales and Jenna’s managed to take a wily category and give it kind attention. She’s a great listener, hilarious story teller, and a steadfast champion of the farmers we work with. In 2015 she went to Colombia to visit coffee and fruit farmers and her passion for advocating for Fair Trade has been ignited ever since.


She embodies the West Coast daily: recently graduating from Yoga Teacher Training, adventuring in her Westfalia, surfing on weekends, all while raising two fierce boys. Very few people know how to bliss like Jenna. We’re so fortunate to have her unique spark and enduring loyalty.


She’s our marketing go-to and resident cat herder. Her job is to corral the wily ideas in our creative department and turn them into successful (and beautiful!) customer motivators. There are a LOT of great ideas floating around this company (and strong opinions attached to each). She handles every hare-brained idea with ease and grace. She’s even editing her own Staff Saturday write-up (hopefully she leaves in the good parts - don't worry , I did!). She’s a crazy crossfitter and maintains caring relationships with friends and family. She probably wears a little too much plaid and might find Chantelle a little funnier than the rest of us.


Robyn has been at Level Ground before - in Accounting to be exact! From combing over label details to planning and coordinating marketing events, her attention to detail and mind for business are very welcome skills in the land of unicorns and sunshiny dreams. It’s a rare gift to find someone who speaks “ooh pretty!” and “ooh pricey!” at the same time.  


She’s able to listen to the strangest statement and extract gold. She has a quirky sense of humour, a kind heart, and a quick mind. She’s genuine in her praise and gentle with her feedback. We’re blessed to have her watchful eye carefully curating the stories that we tell and the pictures we share.  

Clifford, the big red truck.


Chris works on our Operations team as the Lead for Warehouse and Shipping. He’s been with LGT for a long time - 14 years to be exact.  In that time he has done literally just about every job… and in the early days, several of them at the same time. It takes a special type of person to work through all of the changes in a small company over so many years. Where does this resolve come from? Chris fishes. Chris loves to fish. Chris dreams of fishing. If Chris could fish for a living, he would. He plays late night hockey, he’s got an entrepreneurial streak, and he loves fishing.  


Leveraging his fisherman’s tenacity and straight talk, he’s our resident spatial-organizer, keep-it-stocked, and get-it-there guy. He balances the demands of our internal needs with our customers' timelines. If you want something sent across country in a hurry, he’s the one you talk to. He also has the illustrious distinction of being our forklift instructor - which says a great deal about his patience.  He’s thorough in his work, enjoys getting it right the first time,  is detail-oriented and still quick with a joke. We’re lucky to have Chris on our team.

Chris visiting Jaime, the face of our Colombia coffee package.

Chris visiting Jaime, the face of our Colombia coffee package.


Kelsey is one of the newest additions to our team. She’s working in accounting to cover the inimitable Yoko. When she’s not using her sweet voice to contact customers in Accounts Receivable, she’s using it to sing opera. Actual opera. Kelsey is a classically trained singer! Her melodic attention to detail, diligence, and friendliness make her ability to obtain payment while simultaneously keeping everyone happy in the process is unparalleled.


Aside from her (entirely forgivable) caffeine intolerance, we count her as one of those fortunate enough to be naturally caffeinated. Kelsey is openly caring, kind, and thoughtful. At Level Ground, she brings a genuine and unsinkable joie de vivre. Her positive presence keeps her office mates smiling and the lunch room conversations effervescent. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her!


Meet Paul, our in-house numbers whiz and computer whisperer. Which is our way of saying, Paul is the head of Finance, but manages to juggle many other tasks, too! 

Last May, Paul (along with co-owner Stacey) travelled to the Philippines to visit with rice and coconut farmers. We asked Paul: What will you remember most about your trip? 

"A small highlight of the trip would be a hike through the rice terraces of Kalinga. It included lunch prepared by Catalina, rice wine, beautiful mountain landscapes dotted by villages, singing in the rain and thousands of steps. This accumulated to an appreciation of the hardiness and hospitality of the Filipino rice farmers."

Paul celebrates among the rice paddies in Philippines.

Paul celebrates among the rice paddies in Philippines.


Meet Reg, one of our Operations Managers.

If you were to put MacGyver, Red Green, Batman, and Survivor man into a blender, the resulting concoction would be very close to Reg’s brain. He’s a paradoxical mix of special forces and handyman with an ever-present smile and contagious giggle.

If it breaks, he can fix it. If it needs a machine, he can build it. If it needs to be said, he’ll listen.


Meet Bethany.

She's our Sales Administration Assistant, which is the long way of saying she makes everyone's life easier. While she can often be found answering calls or entering orders, her true superpower is making quick work for complicated forms. 

Her favourite product? Coconut oil, because it's so darn good in everything and from cooking to moisturizing!