staff saturday


Meet Andrew.

There are few at LGT, save the intrepid Reg, who have “what it takes” to roll up their sleeves and go up to the elbows into a machine. On the Operations team, the roles sound modest, but the scope of what’s required is large. A hands-on polymath, Andrew is one of the many able to roast, package, pick, and drive - but he can repair machines. He works along side Reg, patiently, creatively, and patiently.

Did we mention patience? He’s got a depth of knowledge in many areas and is quick to share a joke. He leads with his brain as well as his heart - which makes him a perfect fit for our motley crew. Andrew helps keep the fires stoked and the packages sealed 'n’ tucked.  We’re grateful to have him!

STAFF SATURDAY: Meet Chantelle

Meet Chantelle (or Chanters, as our dear friend Roy would insist). She is our in-house graphic designer, dog lover, and friend. She brings everything to life using her creative eye. Chantelle is likely best known for her infectious and full-body laugh (seriously, if you're within a kilometre of our HQ you know what I'm taking about). But it is Chantelle's kindness that stands out the most. 

If you walk in with a heart that needs to be listened to, Chantelle will know. And she will listen. 


Meet Bethany.

She's our Sales Administration Assistant, which is the long way of saying she makes everyone's life easier. While she can often be found answering calls or entering orders, her true superpower is making quick work for complicated forms. 

Her favourite product? Coconut oil, because it's so darn good in everything and from cooking to moisturizing!