Vanilla Update

After months of anticipation, Vanilla Beans are back in stock!

They're packaged in a new, bright purple pouch package. The vanilla still comes from the same small-scale producers in Western Uganda, but there is one significant difference you'll notice. Now there are five beans in each package, instead of ten beans in the previous package. Here's why:

Over the past two years, prices paid to producers for ripe vanilla beans has more than doubled. A number of unique market demands have contributed to this sudden price spike. Added to this, the value of our Canadian currency has plummeted against the US dollar. So, while the market is favouring the farmers and putting more money in their pockets, the vanilla beans were no longer financially viable for us in the ten pack format. We had also heard from customers that the ten pack seemed like too many beans. As a result, we opted to switch to the five pack and trust that works out better for all of us. 

We're committed to transparency and we welcome your feedback on the new look! 

Vanilla Beans
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