Meet Catalina

Meet Catalina, the face of Aromatic Rice.

She is one of very few farmers that have an Education Degree. She wasn't able to teach, but instead used her education to work overseas to help out her family, supporting her siblings through school. When her parents fell ill, she returned home to the Philippines to care for them. After her parents passed away, she took over tilling the rice terraces along with her siblings.

Catalina is the secretary of the local women's group, farmer's group, and a community leader. She also manages to find time to work on the farm and grow Unoy (Aromatic) rice.

What an amazing woman!


Harvest Season in the Philippines

Harvest season for our heirloom rice is underway in the Philippines!

The heirloom rice of the Philippines is grown by indigenous farmers who are hard working and extremely friendly. Amidst the Filipino Cordilleran provinces, exist the 3 provinces where our grown: Mountain Province, Kalinga and Ifugao. 

These are ancient grains, grown organically in stone-walled terraces. Field work and harvest are all done by hand. The terraces are often remote and jaw-droppingly magnificent.

Harvest is the culmination of 5 - 7 months of rhythmic tending to the terraces. The time span from planting to harvest varies with the elevation; the higher the elevation, the longer time for rice to mature.

Often farmers' homes are distant from the land being work. After harvest, they trek home with their heavy, 50kg rice sacks! 

Thank you to the farmers for preserving a heritage and respecting the environment. For so many, 'rice is life'.