Meet Tanzanian Coffee Farmer Yuliana

Female coffee farmer stands with coffee trees, holding machete knife

Yuliana is a coffee farmer that belongs to the Kagera Co-operative Union (KCU) near Lake Victoria, in northwest Tanzania. This  sub-tropical region is just south of the equator and has an average temperature between 20-30° and two rainy seasons. The KCU has over 45,000 members but only 6,000 grow organic, Arabica coffee and Yuliana is one of those 6,000!

Female coffee farmer stands outside building on Tanzanian farm

Yuliana has a 2.5 acreage with 450 Arabica coffee trees. She also grows maize, beans, bananas, yams and cassava on her land.

Female coffee farmer feeds chickens, pigs

With the income from her coffee and product plots, she has been able to provide for her children and grandchildren. She sent her children to university, built a house with electricity, improved her farm and established a livestock project. Yuliana keeps busy with her farm and family.


Our Tanzania coffee (from Yuliana and other farmers) is our only natural coffee. 

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