New 300g Packaging

New 300g Packaging

You may notice a few changes to our 300g coffee packaging.  

We always try our best to have smaller environmental impacts in the garbage and waste department. We previously tried compostable packaging, but it didn’t break down enough to have the impact that we wanted.   

Our packaging is always designed to: 

  • Maximize freshness 
  • Be recyclable (as much as possible) 
  • Benefit you (our customers) 
  • Transport easily 
  • Deliver the freshest coffee! 

We recently updated our packaging to make it more user- and storage-friendly. Before you might have noticed that sometimes the bags might topple over or be a bit tippy. The new square base allows for reduced spilling potential. We also updated it because all of our coffee is now 100% ORGANIC! Even though the packaging has changed colour, the coffee inside is still the same craft blends that you love. 

But on to a more exciting aspect – packaging colour!  

Our packaging represents every colour of the rainbow – just like our different coffees! 

If you’re familiar with our packaging previously, you know that our Bright Roast was an orange colour. To truly represent ‘Bright’ and our lightest roast, we changed the packaging to yellow.  

Bright Blend Coffee new 300g

Still with us? 

Our Rift Valley was previously red. But our Costco Africa blend was orange, even though the coffee was the same (gasp!) So to make it consistent, we have changed both Costco Africa blend and Rift Valley to East Africa Craft Blend. 

New East Africa Coffee package

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