Swiss Water Decaf – New and Improved

Swiss Water Decaf – New and Improved

Our iconic decaf has been updated – new origin, new process, now organic! 

With expansion of our coffee line to 100% organic, it meant it was time to make some changes.  

Previously, our Decaf coffee was Colombian in origin and used the EA decaffeination process. To sum it up, Ethyl Acetate (EA) uses a special combination of pure water and EA which gently extracts caffeine from the coffee beans. EA is obtained from natural sources like sugar cane.  

Our new Decaf uses the Swiss Water® process, which is based in Vancouver, contrary to the Swiss name. This natural decaf process removes 99.9% of caffeine from coffee through an organic, chemical-free process. 

To learn more about the Swiss Water® process, you can watch this short video. 

Previous Colombian Decaf 

New Honduran Decaf 

EA Process 

Swiss Water Process 

Fair Trade, Not Organic 

Fairtrade, Organic 

Decaffeinated in Colombia 

Decaffeinated in Vancouver, Canada 

Single Origin 

Single Origin 


As a part of our mission, we always deliver Fairtrade, ethically sourced coffees. With this update, we can decaffeinate and roast knowing that the coffee and the process is organic, creating a smooth, clean decaf coffee where you can taste the origin flavours  without any chemicals or caffeine! 

Look for the Swiss Water logo on our new decaf packaging starting today! 

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