Do you want to be an ambassador for Level Ground?


For the first time ever, we're creating a Level Ground Ambassador program to reward people who are excited to share what we do. Do you currently interact with our products in an exiting way? Do you tell your family and friends about Fair Trade? Are you passionate about the environment? Love locally sourced food? 

Check out the details below, or skip all that and apply now

What we get out of it

  • The ability to reward to our loyal fans
  • Promotion: We expect our ambassadors to be so excited about our partnership that they can't help but share it!
  • A cohort of people who are passionate about spreading our mission across Canada! 

What you get out of it

  • Free coffee (Whaaat!) 
  • T-Shirt, allied products
  • New Level Ground products to try 
  • 20% discount to our online store

Important dates

  • January 7th: Applications Open
  • January 24th: Applications Close at Midnight
  • Week of January 30th: Selection & notification of Level Ground Ambassadors
  • February 2018: Program Starts! 
  • February 2019: 1 year commitment ends. Time to renew for another year!

Level Ground Ambassador DETAILS

We are looking for one ambassador in each major city across Canada. It requires a 1 year commitment from you. What do we expect from this? We want to be the coffee you drink. We want you to be so excited about our mission and vision that it pours out of you! We expect you to share Level Ground with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't have a large social media following. Should I still apply?

Yes! Please do. We're not necessarily looking for the biggest influencers, we're looking for the right people. If you have a small social media following, but you're passionate about Fair Trade, coffee, quality and the environment, then we would be more than excited to have you on board!

2. I don't drink coffee, but I'm a big fan of your other products. Should I still apply? 

At this point, we are likely looking for ambassadors who are excited to share our coffee. But, you never know. Feel free to complete an application and if you're still a great fit, we will reach out. 

3. I'm currently aN Ambassador for another company. Is that a problem?

For our program, you cannot be representing any brands that are seen as competition. While we believe in collaboration, not competition, it can get a bit funky in the Ambassador world if you're working with two similar companies. 

4. How will I know if I'm successful as aN Ambassador? 

Very interesting question. We like that you're asking that! Success will be measured based off of each Ambassador. Some people are great at posting on Social Media. Others excel at hosting brunches and serving coffee. And some really like writing detailed blogs. We don't want to pin-point you to any specific results. Instead, we will do a mid-way check in and an ending review to see how you did. We will holistically look at the whole program and the ways you interacted with Level Ground to measure your success. 

5. I live outside of Canada. Can I still be considered?

At this point, we're only accepting Ambassadors who live in Canada. But, it might not always be that way! If you think you've got something great to offer, even though you're not in Canada, feel free to fill out an application and see what happens.