Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products around. Made from organic virgin coconut and cold-pressed. Level Ground's coconut oil supports a cooperative of small-scale growers in Cebu, Philippines.

Coconut Oil
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Origin Information

SPFTC (Southern Partners and Fair Trade Centre) is a Fair Trade organization focused on sourcing and processing fruits and artisan made items in Cebu, Philippines. SPFTC is development-oriented and is active in advocacy for small-scale farmers, offering programs in Fair Trade, post-harvest technology, product research and organic production.

Description: This coconut oil has a sweet, coconutty flavour. We've found the best quality organic coconut oil and imported it directly from the Philippines. It's cold-pressed (below 49 degrees C).

Use in place of butter for your baking, melt over popcorn, add to curries. We've used it for furniture polish, hair care & skin lotion! 


Recipes with coconut oil