Some intensive energy has been invested to trek this organic coffee out of the D.R. Congo. The unique cup features florals, molasses and cloves. It is sweet, juicy with orange-like acidity on entry, smooth milk chocolate at centre.

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North Kivu, D.R. Congo

Origin Information

This coffee is grown by small-scale farmers in the eastern part of DR Congo, near Lake Edward and north of Lake Kivu. The co-op, called, SOPROCOPIV is located between Butembo and Kirumba. Denis is the General Manager and Grace is an Agronomist who coordinates certifications. The coop’s main office and dry milling plant is in Butembo and the main washing station is in Kirumba

Varietal: Cofea Arábica, Kenya variety

Altitude: 1500 metres

Harvest: Year round

Certifications: BSC öko-garantie GMBH

Flavour Profile: Sweetly aromatic, juicy citrus, smooth milk chocolate, exotic spice. 


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