Rich, creamy balanced cup with bright notes of happiness. This is what happens when coffee beans from three countries come out to play together. Don't have an espresso machine? No worries. This blend tastes delicious when brewed in a french press too.

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To make a great espresso, latte, cappuccino or americano: start with a very fine grind, high-pressure espresso machine, fresh cold water and enthusiastic taste buds. Ideal extraction should be 20-30 seconds per double shot into a pre-warmed cup. Look for deep, syrupy, toffee-toned crema and enjoy without delay. 

Not just for espresso machines! Try Espresso Blend in your French Press or coffee maker for a smooth, creamy cup of coffee.

Flavour Profile: This organic blend of African and South American coffee has a lively entry, rich creme and tremendous character with a cocoa finish.


What goes in our espresso? 

Our BoliviaPeru, and Ethiopia beans are blended post roast to create the optimal espresso profile.


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