Your favourite Colombian coffee, roasted as dark as we dare to go.

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French Roast Very Dark Coffee
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andes, colombia

Origin Information

French Roast is the same great coffee from Colombia but roasted as dark as we dare to go. When we design our packaging we use the faces of farmers and friends who we meet on our trips.  Since their faces become a big part of our company’s story telling we make sure that we receive their permission for use.  Part of the adventure on these trips is the random scanning of crowds to find the face we’re looking for!  On a recent trip, Stacey and a crew from Level Ground were travelling by jeep through the coffee growing region when they spotted Luis Horacio.  

Altitude: 1400 - 2100 metres

Harvest: October - December (smaller harvests take place year-round due to Colombia's unique system of micro-climates.

Flavour Profile: Unapologetically sweet and smokey, this dark and full-flavoured roast lingers with cinnamon notes and undertones of nutmeg.



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