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Bright Roast Craft Blend Coffee

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Roast Profile: Light

Tasting Notes: Light, juicy, sweet, crisp

Taste Description: Bright raspberry notes on entry, sweet almond impressions, ruby red grapefruit, juicy mouthfeel, crisp finish. 

This blend is designed for those who are looking for a clean, sweet and interesting light-roasted coffee. It’s the lightest coffee we’ve ever roasted and blended. The three coffee origins have a delicate interplay while keeping each other in balance. Very rewarding for those who may put this through a pour-over or their favourite espresso machine.

Blend Origins: Honduras, Ethiopia, Uganda

100% Certified Organic, Craft Blended Arabica Beans

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada
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Social Impact: Female economic empowerment, upgrading and improved agricultural practices, sustainable waste management, renewable biogas projects, improved working conditions for women, health education on Ebola, Covid-19 and Malaria

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Inconsistent so far, but great coffee when it’s ‘on’

I found this wanting a change. The first bag was absolutely delicious, the second, almost seems a bit stale and less flavourful. I know I shouldn’t be picky buying coffee from an online ‘big box’ store, but I was very pleased with the first bag. Tasted equally as good with French Press and Chemex.

R & D
great tasting coffee

I have had a difficult time finding a coffee that tastes like coffee but is mellow. Everything tastes burnt. Until this can across my radar. Level Ground, Certified Organic & Direct Fair Trade, Bright Roast Light & Juicy, Ground Coffee is exactly what I've been searching for. A flavorful mellow coffee. I use a French Press and the coffee is great.

Jim C.

This is an exceptional coffee with a lovely smell to wake up to, a little on the lighter side with fruity notes. An excellent cup to two a day will keep exhaustion at bay

Santoku, Mr.
bona fide light roast

This is a bona fide light roast - it has the proper grainy, acidic, bright flavor. You taste more of the inherent flavors of the bean, not veiled in caramel or smokyness. If you brew it strong enough, it can be as strong as any other darker coffee, or even stronger if you wish. It's also good cold-brewed. I tried Starbucks True North Blend a long time ago - and going by memory, this one is at least as good.

Stephen Tse
Superb flavor

Great flavor, one of my new favorites. Not enough light roasts on the market and this is easily one of the best