Tanzania Coffee Package

New! Compostable Coffee Package

Eleven years ago, we went landfill free. Then, we introduced a reclamation and upcycling program for our coffee packages. Now, we've taken another step in reducing carbon footprint by launching a compostable coffee package

The main ingredient in this made in Canada package is FSC Certified wood pulp!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the package made of?

FSC certified paper, NatureFlex film, adhesive and bioplastic.

What can I do with the package when I'm done with it?

1. Take it to a commercial composter

2. Bring it to one of our Reclamation Stations (available at many grocery stores) and we will compost it

3. Compost it in your backyard

Can I put it in my municipal compost bin?

Most composting facilities only accept food scraps. Level Ground and commercial composters are prepared to manage the longer composting time required for packaging. 

Can I compost it in my backyard?

You can! Especially if you live in a mild climate and have composting skills. Cutting the package open and laying it flat will help speed things up. Remember to mix in lots of organic material like food scraps.

Will it keep my coffee fresh?

Yes! This packaging material is a high oxygen barrier film and will keep your coffee fresh. Coffee is happiest when it is hidden from light and air; this package does both wonderfully!

Co-owner Stacey dives into a pile of shredded LGT coffee packages.

Co-owner Stacey dives into a pile of shredded LGT coffee packages.