SPFTC (Southern Partners and Fair Trade Centre) is a Fair Trade Organization focused on sourcing and processing fruits and artisan made items in Cebu Philippines. SPFTC is development-oriented and is active in advocacy for small-scale farmers offering programs in Fair Trade, Post-harvest technology, Product Research and Organic Production. http://www.spftcfairtrade.com

Coconut Farmers supply dried coconut to SPFTC through one of 24 Farmer Organizations.  The average farm size of farmer producers is 0.25 hectare. Some farmer producers are small owner cultivators, with 0.25 hectare to one hectare. The majority of farmer producers are landless and they lease the land they cultivate.

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Coconut Oil
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Trading Partner: SPFTC (Southern Partner and Fair Trade Center)


Cebu, Philippines

Background of SPFTC: Established in 1996, SPFTC acted as the processing and trading facility of the people's organizations, and the direct link between the regions producers and the end-users or consumers.

Farmer Profile: SPFTC partners with 24 community farmers organizations in Cebu and 50% of these are coconut farmer producers. The average farm size of farmers producers is 0.25 hectares to one hectare. The majority of producers are landless and they lease the land they cultivate.