Level Ground was founded on this iconic coffee and for many years it was our one and only product!  We work with Cooperativa delosAndes and they have been stellar in helping us buy coffee from specific farmers in specific regions so that we can stay directly connected to the communities where we feel our coffee buying makes the biggest impact.  Many of us have enjoyed the hospitality of the people who grow this coffee on their steep hillside farms.  Thanks to the dedicated work of our Colombian friend, Julian, Fair Trade premiums support 28 rural schools and 200 students with scholarships .

Jamie Martin, the face of Colombian coffee.

Jamie Martin, the face of Colombian coffee.

Jamie Martin and Stacey from Level Ground
Colombian coffee sacks
Bethany and Jenna in Colombia
Colombia Dark Coffee
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Trading Partner: Co-op Andes

coop andes Location:

5°39'1.91"N 75°52'46.31"W

Farmer Profile: Four small associations of famers (less than 250 farmers in total) sell dry parchment coffee to Co-op Andes for shipment to Level Ground. Farm sizes are small-scale (2-7 acres). Farmers grow coffee as their main source of income and only crop for export. Banana, cassava, citrus, grass for cattle, corn and beans are also grown interspersed with coffee trees. 

Direct Fair Trade Premiums: Premiums from purchases of Colombia coffee are directed towards educational scholarships for children of coffee farming families through Famicafé.