Decaf Colombia is decaffeinated in Colombia by DESCAFECOL. The plant is located in Manizales, in the heart of the coffee growing region. It is a process done to fresh green coffee beans which are then shipped to us directly.  By having the decaffeination process done in Colombia we are able to leave a value-added component in the country where the coffee is grown.  

DESCAFECOL uses a special combination of pure water and ethyl-acetate (EA) which allows for a gentle caffeine extraction from the coffee bean.

What’s EA?  EA is obtained from natural sources like sugar cane molasses. EA can be found in many natural products, including: fruits, vegetables, and regular coffee. EA's consumption is free of any health risk and is FDA approved in "United States and Europe as a decaffeinating agent and food additive without any restrictions."

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Decaf Dark Coffee
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Trading Partner: Co-op Andes


5°39'1.91"N 75°52'46.31"W

Farmer Profile: Four small associations of famers (less than 250 farmers in total) sell dry parchment coffee to Co-op Andes for shipment to Level Ground. Farm sizes are small-scale (2-7 acres). Farmers grow coffee as their main source of income and only crop for export. Banana, cassava, citrus, grass for cattle, corn and beans are also grown interspersed with coffee trees. 

Direct Fair Trade Premiums: Premiums from purchases of Colombia coffee are directed towards educational scholarships for children of coffee farming families through Famicafé.