Although they’re unlikely to cross paths in real life, their coffees play really well together.  Farmers in Ethiopia, Bolivia & Peru are all farming using organic methods.

Ethiopia: Fero Coop of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Union purchases fresh coffee cherries at eleven buying posts in the regions.  They process all the coffee at central washing stations and then send it on to Addis for milling and grading.

Bolivia: Agricafe a private coffee milling company which supports farmers with organic farming education and post-harvest techniques. Farmers live in Caranavi (Yungas), Chapare and Buena Vista

Peru: CAC Pangoa is a long established co-operative with 680 farmer members who grow coffee, cacao and also produce honey. The organic coffee we purchase from CAC Pangoa is grown by the Machiguenga First Nation people.

Hugo and farmer in ethiopia
agricafe coffee lab in bolivia
hugo and farmer in bolivia
espresso coffee package