CAC Pangoa is a long established co-operative with 680 farmer members who grow coffee, cacao and also produce honey. The organic coffee we purchase from CAC Pangoa is grown by the Machiguenga First Nation people.

Maria Chari, Coffee Farmer
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Peru Medium Coffee
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Trading Partner:  Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa (CAC Pangoa)


11°25'48.93"S 74°28'26.94"W

Background of CAC Pangoa: CAC Pangoa is a progressive organization with strength in leadership, gender equality and innovation. They mill, sort, grade and export coffee.

Farmer Profile: Farmers are small-scale. The main source of income for many of the farmers is coffee, but other products such as honey and cocoa are being produced for market.

Direct Fair Trade Premiums: Fair Trade premiums have gone towards projects including: cocoa and honey production, ecotourism to supplement coffee production, domestic sales of roasted coffee, and educational funds.