Level Ground purchases rice through RICE Inc (Revitalizing Indigenous Cordillera Entrepreneurs).  The rice paddies are held within stone wall terraces with natural running water moving through them.   These terraces have been in continuous use for centuries and are used to grow many varieties of heirloom rice.  Maintaining the cultivation of rice on these terraces offers the opportunity for family members to stay and work within their community, mountainside forests and watersheds are preserved, and the slowing of run-off from heavy rains reduces erosion. 

Lily rice farmer philippines

Historical Rice Terraces

In 1995, UNESCO designated five of the rice terraces in the Cordillera Mountains as a World Heritage Site in the category of "Living Cultural Landscape". 

Cordillera rice paddies
Rice harvesting
Rice drying
Rice storage in philippines

Trading Partner: Revitalizing Indigenous Cordillera Entrepreneurs (RICE Inc.)



Farmer Profile:  The indigenous communities living in the Cordilleras continue to plant these unique varieties of heirloom rice. Primarily the rice is grown for their own families but with interest from outside, they are also keen to grow some extra and increase their income. 

Direct Fair Trade Premiums:  40% of the price we pay for rice goes to support Rice Inc in their effort to build this project. Their capacity building efforts include visiting farmers, providing workshops and training, organizing co-operatives etc.