The story of cane sugar touches two communities.  In Huila, sugar cane farmers have come together to setup a processing facility for their cane juice. Fresh, organic, whole stalks of cane are pressed and the juice goes through stages of boiling and evaporation to produce the delicious granules of sugar. Large sacks of the sugar are then sent to Fruandes where the sugar is packaged and readied for shipment to Level Ground. Fruandes is a Fair Trade organization focused on providing positive employment for women including sustainable wages, vocational training, health care, and education for their children.

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Trading Partner: Fruandes SAS

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Background of Fruandes: In 2002, Level Ground sought to respond to the commodity crash that saw the market value of coffee beans reduced to nearly nothing. Our original intent was to support small-scale rural farmers. If farmers were going to survive, they needed to diversify. Fruit, a natural by-product of Colombia's rich tropical climate, was coffee's most practical partner. From this, Fruandes dried fruit was born!

Farmer Profile: Independent farmers or associations of small-scale farmers.

Direct Fair Trade Premiums: Fruandes provides its workers with a sustainable wage, vocational training, health care and education for their children. Three of the original members of Fruandes remain with the organization and have received microcredit loans that allowed for the down payment on a home outside the refugee life of Cazuca.