Tart, power-punching balls of fruit are honoured with the title of super-food. High in Vitamin A, B and iron.

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Dried Golden Berries
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Trading Partner: Fruandes SAS

golden berry association LOCATION:

Nariño, colombia

Origin Information

Farmer information: 16 farmers are part of the Biofruit NAPOLI association. These organic farmers work together to share knowledge on organic practices. Each farm employs many women who harvest, sort, and remove leaves on the golden berries. 

Fruandes: Our dried fruit comes to us from a Fair Trade organization in Colombia called Fruandes. Fruandes purchases fresh fruit from small-scale farmers and employs women to hand cut, dry and package the fruit.

Description: A chewy whole fruit snack with a powerful punch of tartness. Golden berries contain carotene and bioflavonoids, along with vitamins A and C.

100 golden berries in a package!


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