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SOURCE: The Level Ground Quality Control team includes Q (Q for quality) graders, Roastmasters and HACCP experts. This team tests every crop destined for us; that goes for coffee, tea, dried fruit, sugar and cacao nibs! Daily cupping in our lab ensures we consistently deliver the highest quality.  

STAGE: This is our Operations and Production team main focus. A lot of magic happens here: receiving, roasting, packaging and order packing. The team is in constant motion to get fresh coffee out the door. The Admin, Accounting and IT teams run all the systems in the background and keep us sharp. 

SUPPORT: Our Sales and Marketing Teams are a friendly bunch; they are super excited to meet and serve. Their work spans every market, from natural health stores to large scale grocery, independent cafés and university campuses. They make sure it is easy for you to find and enjoy your favourite Level Ground products.

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We are a team of coffee specialists. Together, we source, stage and support with the aim to elevate coffee for everyone! Our team is small, but we've spent the past two decades honing a mighty and a well-oiled machine.  

The Leadership Team sparks momentum and ensures all the right connections and resources are in place.

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Stacey is passionate about working with, meeting and building relationships. He provides support throughout the entire coffee process. Meeting and visiting farmers, sharing Level Ground's history, and promoting positive change in the community are Stacey's passions. Everything coffee and producer-related are his favourite part of the day! 

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Laurie, our CEO and co-founder, manages the company, stakeholders and oversees Level Ground at a high level. Working with producers and co-ops, she is always focused on maintaining superior quality!

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Joshua leads our Quality Control team which tests and grades every crop destined for us before it's approved and accepted - that goes for coffee, tea, dried fruit, sugar and cacao nibs! Coffee cupping is done daily, which supports our abilities to consistently maintain and improve product quality.

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Reg leads our Operations and Production team which is a key part of the process - without them your coffee would not be roasted, packaged and shipped out! They work efficiently, performing onsite roasting, grinding, packaging and shipping in a timely manner to maximize flavour and freshness for our customers across North America.

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Richard, the Director of Sales, handles how our products are distributed - from grocery stores to cafés, Amazon, Costco and more! Our sales team builds relationships and increases our visibility in the competitive coffee, tea and dried fruit markets.

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Ben leads our Marketing Team and supports product releases, information distribution and the promotional content that accompanies our products. From this website, to product packaging and everything in between, their goal is consistency, clarity and brand guidelines!

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Paul leads these key teams which are focused on many areas of our business operations, ensuring all the components work smoothly. We wouldn't be able to do any of it without them!

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