Fundraise with Your Favourite Coffee!

Level Ground Trading works to elevate coffee for everyone, from farmer to customers. Over the 24 years we've been in business, we've worked hard to create Fair Trade relationships with farmers, producers and co-ops. With relationships a core part of our business model throughout the years, we also love to celebrate relationships other organizations and companies have in their communities. 

Make your local fundraising efforts more delicious by including locally roasted coffee, organic dried fruits, teas, and more!

We have two fundraising options and a little something different with a group buy. 

Traditional Fundraising Model

The traditional model typically has one organizer who finds people wanting to buy Level Ground product. That person records the details of each order; collects the money; submits and pays for the cumulative order; receives the order; distributes each individual order to the appropriate people. The difference between the retail price that customers pay and the wholesale price of the cumulative order is the profit for the organization. 

For more information on the traditional fundraising model, please contact Peter Mason

Direct-Buy Fundraising 

We create a code for your organization and/or charity that will include your organization/charity name. When your supporters shop through our online retail store, they enter your code in the discount code bar and 15% of the purchase price will be  given to your group. A minimum order of $40 is required. All funds will be disbursed to  you on a monthly or quarterly basis. 


This is for staff, organizations, companies – any group that does not want to fundraise but would like to take advantage of discount pricing for orders over $100. One organizer puts together an order on behalf of the group. If the order is $100 or greater, the group  receives discount pricing and free shipping. 

Questions about a fundraiser? Contact us by email or call us at 1.888.565.6633.