Group of coffee farmers and staff standing together holding coffee beans

Meet the Farmers

Over the past 20 years, we have built Level Ground Trading on relationships through Fair Trade channels in various countries, with skilled farmers, co-ops and producers. These relationships have evolved throughout the years as co-ops and farmers face new challenges and opportunities. Whether it be the impact of climate change, government restrictions, political or social unrest in regions, our quest continues to support progressive co-ops and programs that emphasize quality development.

Our goal is to work with, support and pay Fair Trade prices to our producers so they can grow, build infrastructure and improve their production capabilities and programs. Over time, we’ve built a trade model that emphasizes direct connection to co-ops but also relies on the capacity building work of our strategic partners. We strive to partner with and build strong relationships, emphasizing quality. We are passionate about working with co-ops that focus on developing and improving their future prospects. When co-ops work to improve their produce and quality, they are able to tap into higher prices and income opportunities.

Here are some of the farmers we’ve partnered with over the years.


Male farmer in Colombia walks through coffee trees, holds bin with red coffee cherries


Coffee Farmer

Jaime is a Colombian coffee farmer who has worked with us for years, harvesting our Colombian signature roast.
Female coffee farmer in Tanzania holds machete knife, stands next to coffee tree


Coffee Farmer

Yuliana is a Tanzanian coffee farmer who grows coffee on her 2.5 acreage that becomes our Tanzania natural coffee.
Female coffee farmer in Uganda picks coffee cherries and places in red bin


Coffee Farmer

One of our new farmers from Uganda, Biira is a Fair Trade certified farmer who grows coffee, bananas and bees.
Female tea farmer holding white tea cup, Assam, India

Bijit and Swapna

Tea Farmers

The small-scale tea growers we work with have an incredible ability to empower their communities. Bijit and Swapna embody this empowerment.
Male golden berry farmer in Colombia stands in vineyard


Golden Berry Farmer

Albiero is a trained Agronomist from Bogota who grows organic golden berries in Colombia.
Male mango farmer in Colombia smiles

Don Israel

Organic Mango Farmer

Don Israel grows organic mango on his land in Vereda Guacana, Colombia. 
Male banana farmer in Colombia stands outside


Banana Farmer

Orlando, leader of The Banana Farmers’ Association, creates organic solutions for any farm problems.
Side profile tea farmer in tea garden smiles


Tea Grower

Someswar has been growing tea since 1976 and we have him to thank for our delicious Green Tea! He was even the first person registered as a small-scale tea farmer in Assam, India.
Tea farmer and boy laugh in tea garden


Tea Grower

Tenzing is a small-scale tea grower in Assam, India, who's committed to organic tea because he's seen the impact of chemicals firsthand.