What is the best way to brew coffee?

For some, brewing coffee is an art. For others, a satisfying morning or mid-afternoon ritual. And for many, a timely task necessary to fulfilling a caffeine craving. Whichever category you fall into, knowing what brewing equipment to use is key to great tasting coffee. Stick to brewing equipment that doesn't require paper filters - espresso and french presses are best. This will ensure the wonderful aromas and oils of your coffee make their way into your cup instead of sticking in your filter. While strength is generally subjective to the coffee drinker, lower ratios of water to grounds will result in stronger coffee. 


Coffee: Medium-fine grind, or Level Ground's ground coffee

Prep: 60g per 1.6 litre carafe OR  round half cup per 12 cup carafe

Always use clean cold water and operate as per manufacturer's recommendations.



method - French Press

Coffee: Coarse Grind

Prep: 55g per 1 litre press OR 9 rounded tbsp

4-minute method: Allow boiling water to rest before pouring. After 30 seconds, give the coffee a shallow stir and place lid on press. Once 4 minutes is up, press pot.


Method - Espresso


Single espresso: 7-9g for 1-1.5oz

Double espresso: 17-18g for 2-2.5oz

Finely ground with a firm tamp. Optimum extraction time is 20-30 seconds.

Espresso Based Beverages: 

Americano - espresso on top of hot water.

Cappuccino - equal parts steamed, textured milk and espresso.

Latte - 2/3 steamed milk, 1/3 espresso