Iced Black Tea


Recipe by Peter Tiessen

Black Tea
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Almost nothing is more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summers day. This recipe is as easy as it gets and has become a staple in my home. The use of cold water in this recipe and steeping in the refrigerator provides a milder taste on the palate. The cold temperatures do not produce the traditional tannin rich flavor synonymous with tea beverages.



Cane Sugar
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  • 1 1/2 T Black Tea

  • 1 L cold water

  • 1 T cane sugar


Scoop the tea leaves into a 1 L mason jar and add the cold water. Screw the lid onto the jar and place it in the refrigerator for not less than six and not greater than 12 hours. Remove the jar from the refrigerator and pour contents through a fine mesh sieve and into another clean mason jar. Add the sugar to the tea and screw the lid on tightly. Gently shake the jar to dissolve the sugar. Return to the refrigerator until service or pour ice into glass.

Option: Pour loose tea leaves into either a reusable tea ball or compostable tea bag and steep as per above.

Fair Trade Iced Black Tea Recipe
Fair Trade Iced Black Tea Recipe