These rices are grown in the ancient rice terraces of the northern Philippines. Each is distinct in flavour, texture and colour.  This Fair Trade project is aimed at upholding the rich food system by supporting seed diversity and organic farming.

Wondering about Arsenic in your rice?

The presence of inorganic arsenic in rice is a valid concern. 
Health Canada notes: “. . .  inorganic arsenic is a human carcinogen, every effort should be made to maintain levels in food as low as reasonably achievable.”
Rice tends to ‘find’ arsenic in soil. So, the key is to source rice grown in ‘pristine’ conditions which have never had phosphate fertilizers introduced.  
The FDA believe that rice which has arsenic levels higher than 100 ppb (parts per billion) is unsafe for infant food.
Our rice varieties have all been lab tested to a detectable level of (0.1 ug/g or 100 ppb) and NO arsenic was evident.