Split these guys open and you'll find a paste of jet black vanilla seeds that can be mixed into your favourite recipe to add rich, complex vanilla flavour. Drop the pod into a container for sugar after to make a vanilla infused sugar!

Level Ground Coconut oil and vanilla beans
vanilla brule
Vanilla Beans
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Origin Information

Harvest Hand's mission is to work with people that are disadvantaged to form partnerships, programs, projects and small business enterprises. The farmers who grow this vanilla are small-scale landowners (between 0.5 adn 2 acres) in the Ibanda District of Uganda. They practice mixed farming, including bananas, coffee and vanilla, as well as food for their family.

Description: Aromatic, naturally grown, "Grade A" vanilla beans from small-scale farmers in Uganda.

Split one vanilla bean and scrape out the delicious seeds inside. Use one vanilla bean for each tsp of extract in your recipe.


Recipes with Vanilla beans