Roast Level: Very Dark 5/5

This full-bodied coffee gives you everything you crave – sweet, smoky and intense. This very dark blend brings coffee to a new level of darkness you are sure to love with notes of dark chocolate, clove and roasted nut. 

Why is there a rocket ship on the package? 

The darkest of the dark roasts, giving you lots of punch in flavour and no burnt taste. French Roast gives you enough flavour and ‘pow’ to power a rocket. Some might call it ‘jet fuel’; we think this coffee can get you to the moon and back. 

Certified Fairtrade, organic, and small batch roasted in Victoria, BC. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Antonio Pedro
French toast surprise.

Love the French toast coffee delivered to our home. Taste and quality beans are fantastic.

Northern Home Barista
Rich, dark, delicious

We love this bean at our house. It's bold but not bitter, deep flavours, and not too acidic. Lighter roasts can give me acid reflux, but this bean doesn't. I could (and do) drink it everyday.

Carol Rankin

French Roast Craft Blend Coffee

Jacqueline Brandt
French blend coffee rocks!

Level ground coffee sells the best coffee! I always try to buy fair trade coffee and one reason is the quality is the best. It’s also important to me that farmers receive a fair wage. I prefer dark roast coffee, so the French blend is perfect.

Loren Schmidt
Great as always

I've bought this in bean form for years, and was sad when the local store where I bought it discontinued Level Ground Coffee - but that meant I discovered the online store, so all is well. This still makes a great cup of coffee.