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Our Fair Trade tea is ethically sourced and grown using organic practices from the world renowned northeastern region of Assam in India.

Fine-plucking and careful rolling of the leaf are the cornerstones of quality tea. The tea growers in Assam select only the youngest two leaves and a bud from their tea plants, returning to the plant every few days for fresh new leaves.

Tea is a labour-intensive endeavour and is often dominated by large estates and huge factories. Level Ground's tea comes from a new movement in Assam - small tea growers running their own micro-enterprise. This model of business builds opportunity within the village through entrepreneurial efforts. 

Fair Trade Premiums for tea go entirely to the labourers and the decision as to what the money is put towards is determined by the labourers in an open meeting. Historically, premiums have gone towards water filtration for each home and piglets to raise and sell for profit. 

Curious about our Tea Farmers? Watch one of our founders, Stacey, as he gives some insight and info about Tenzing's tea garden in Assam, India. 

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