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Fresh tea leaves are steamed to halt oxidization and keep the leaves green. Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and pairs well with savoury food.


Small-scale tea growers in Assam, India grow and process their own tea organically at their garden sites. These organic gardens are a haven for birds and microorganisms and the farmers' entrepreneurship is inspiring.

Farmer Profile: Tea is plucked by hand and processed in small facilities located at each tea garden. Individual gardens employ 5-15 people.

Flavour Profile: Sweet green tea with a smooth finish.

Description: This green tea is a rare find. Assam green has notes of honey in the cup.

Serving Tips: Use one heaping teaspoon of loose leaf or a single tea bag for 500ml of boiling water. Let it steep for four minutes. One secret for this tea is to brew it twice. Traditionally, the first "rinse" is for the kids, the second is for the guests.

Customer Reviews

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Heather Blanchette

My favourite green tea!

Laurent Duguay
Best Green Tea Ever!

Many years ago when in London, England, I developed a significant liking to tea. I was later drawn to green tea and experimented with different brand names and suppliers. I am of the opinion that Level Ground has the best quality and pricing that I have experienced so far.

Santoku, Mr.
not your typical green tea

This is true whole leaf tea - the leaves are about 3 cm long. The flavour is rich and slightly/moderately smoky. I don't mind the smokiness but I don't know if it's healthy. Because the leaves are not cut, the flavor takes a lot longer to diffuse into the water than the more common, more finely cut teas. But you can get 2 or 3 refills from the same bunch of leaves. You can crush the leaves to make them much more fine if you want more instant release of flavor. For anyone who has never tried whole leaf tea before, you'll be surprised at the difference in flavor - this is real tea.

Unique flavour with a deep aroma

This tea is unique. I always buy name brand mass produced green tea. This stuff took me by surprise with is extreme deep taste and aroma. I found it to be quite strong. Even when I added less leaves to my water the deep flavour was still present.

Denise Velati

Great tasting teabags!