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An Introduction to Coffee

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Advanced Coffee Knowledge

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Intermediate Coffee Knowledge

01. French Press

The most beginner friendly brewing style, this foolproof method is easy to master!

02. Aeropress

This single cup method is quick, compact and portable - whether you're camping or on the go!

03. Pour Over

This is the most complex and sensitive method, but enjoyed by those who love the satisfaction of a challenge!

The Coffee Story

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From Crop to Cup

What are the most

Common Coffee Questions

1 What is Single Origin Coffee?
Coffee sourced from one region or farm.
2 What is Arabica Coffee?
Arabica is the most common coffee species globally, accounting for 75% of the world’s production. Arabica originated in Ethiopia and prefers to grow in cool, subtropical climates at higher elevations (600m+ above sea level).
3 What is Fairtrade Coffee?
Fairtrade International (FLO) is a robust system which ensures coffee farmers receive a fair price for their beans, as well as a premium. This premium can be invested in a variety of social and environmental initiatives (e.g. schools, reforestation, etc.), helping to support coffee farming communities.
4 How should I store my coffee?
1. Use an airtight container. 
2. Store your coffee in a cool, dry, dark place. 
3. Refrain from grinding beans until you need them.
5 Should I freeze coffee?
Short answer: no!
When you take your beans in and out of the freezer condensation builds up and the moisture harms the beans. So a cool, dry place is best.  
6 Does light or dark roast have more caffeine?
Light and dark roast coffee beans have roughly the same amount of caffeine when compared bean to bean. However, (since dark roast beans are slightly larger in size from expanding during a longer roasting period) when compared from a volume stand point, there would be fewer beans in one scoop of dark roast than in one scoop of light roast, thus resulting in a brewed light roast coffee beverage having a slightly higher caffeine content.


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