Fair Trade Chai Tea

Tea growers in Assam make their tea using a wooden rice-pounding 'dheki'. This tea is made using no electricity, just human effort and sunshine. The resulting tea produces a strong, rich cup and is perfect to blend in with punchy spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. 


Small-scale tea growers in Assam, India grow and process their own tea organically at their garden sites. These organic gardens are a haven for birds and microorganisms and the farmers entrepreneurship is inspiring.

Farmer Profile: Tea is plucked by hand and processed in small facilities located at each tea garden. Individual gardens employ 5-15 people.

Flavour Profile: Sweet, aromatic & playfully spiced.

Description: An easy favourite to serve your friends and family. The chai tea blend pops with sweet flavours of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger. Drink it clear or with a splash of milk.

Serving Tips: Use one heaping teaspoon of loose leaf or a single tea bag for 500ml of boiling water. Let it steep for 4 minutes.

Chai Tea

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Customer Reviews

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Audrey Reves
Love my Chai Tea!

I really enjoy the flavour of my chai tea. Coming from a farming background, I also love supporting Level Ground.


I do t like tea but my daughter does . This is her fave and I’m happy to get it for her because of the Fair Trade business midel 👍

Lovely for my afternoon chai

Been enjoying this chai for the past few weeks and really like the flavour profile… even when I get distracted for longer than the recommended 4 minute steep time (which is more often than not) 😅

Laura Fraser
No longer tastes spicy and wonderful

I drank this Chai every morning for years, and then the product changed two or three years back. It no longer packs a spicy punch, the way it used to. Now the flavour profile is less spicy and chai-like than many other brands. Very disappointing, given how much I used to love this tea. I still buy it sometimes, but I have to add my own spices to it to get it the way it used to be.

David Asp

I was disappointed. Not very Christmassy. Won’t order it again. Stash make a wonderful holiday Chai