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Democratic Republic of Congo Single Origin Coffee

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Roast Profile: Medium

Tasting Notes: Aromatic, smooth, dark chocolate, black pepper

Taste Description: Sweetly aromatic, juicy citrus, smooth milk chocolate, and exotic spice.

There are few coffees as complex as this offering from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This high-grown, hard bean, arabica coffee is processed by small scale farmers.  Aromatic notes of tropical fruit, toasted nuts, sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, and a cacophony of brown-spices make this coffee our most thought-provoking. It’s delicious in a drip brewer, but such a dark horse in a French press or pour over. It’s particularly wily and delicious in an AeroPress.

Origin: 100% Single Origin DRC Arabica Beans

Elevation: 1,500-1,800 metres above sea level

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Small Batch Roasted in Victoria, B.C.
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Social ImpactImproved Working Conditions for Women, Health Education on Ebola, Covid-19 and Malaria, Improved Agricultural Practices

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jodi Finlay

Democratic Republic of Congo Single Origin Coffee

Colleen Talson
Wonderful aroma and taste…!

We love this Congo coffee! It smells so great every time the box of beans gets opened, and also during grinding! Great taste too...

Paul Birley
Absolutely amazing tasting coffee!

When we received the coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo I made some the next morning! It is so good! The flavors are rich and almost chocolatey! So amazing! We love all the coffee we having received from Level Ground and would recommend it to anyone!

Lawrence Deane
Great coffee

This is delicious, high quality coffee. It comes from a region that definitely needs economic support. It’s wonderful to drink this coffee and feel good about the source

Great value coffee that tastes above average for the price.

I have bought at least 8 or so bags of this coffee and while maybe not the freshest (does not have a roasted on date) you can be at least somewhat sure that you are getting pretty good tasting coffee. And when I am not experimenting or just splurging on a nice fresh bag of $25/lb coffee, this is a great daily driver.