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Espresso Craft Blend Coffee

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Roast Profile:  Medium

Tasting Notes: Juicy, sweet, plush

Taste Description: Bright raspberry notes on entry, juicy lime, sweet hazelnut, plush mouthfeel, milk chocolate, malty finish

This blend is designed for those who are looking for espresso that impresses. This is a clean, sweet, big-hearted coffee. This coffee is made for espresso. The three coffee origins have a magical interplay while keeping each other in balance. Very rewarding for those who may use this in their favourite espresso machine, but a secret hero in any other brew method you throw at it.

Blend OriginsHonduras, Ethiopia, Peru

100% Certified Organic, Craft Blended Arabica Beans

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada
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Social ImpactFemale economic empowerment, upgrading agricultural practices, sustainable waste management, renewable biogas projects, Indigenous elementary education, Indigenous farmers' training