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Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee

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Roast Profile: Medium

Tasting Notes: Sweet, juicy, lovely

Taste Description: Sweet citrus, light berry, sweet almond, milk chocolate, black tea.

We’ve kept the roast profile on this coffee aligned with the delicate nature of this very special coffee. Many know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. We’ve worked with reverence to deliver the best of what the coffee and our fabulous roasting team has to offer. This coffee will work very well through a drip machine, it is also incredibly rewarding through a pour-over or other filter method that allows the sweetness to shine through.

Origin: 100% Single Origin Certified Organic Ethiopian Arabica Beans

Elevation: 1,700-1,950 metres above sea level

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, B.C.
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Social ImpactSustainable waste management and renewable biogas projects

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Pierre van Aswegen
Rich mocha arabica

So happy that our Costco has started selling this. We've been satisfied with "Africa" as a substitute for "Tanzania" (which they dropped), but "Ethiopia" kicks it up a notch. Level Ground has been the most reliable satisfier of our coffee tastes ever.

Russell Smith
Love this coffee!

My wife and I love this coffee from Level Ground, in fact we ship it to Ontario! It’s a medium toast which is my wife and my preference for French Press. We’ve tried a lot of different medium roasts and this is by far the winner for us. We order it regularly so we don’t run out.

Jeanne Maurer
Love Ethiopian coffees, especially single source

Both the medium and dark grinds are very consistent in their flavour, are wonderfully smooth and with a lot of body...but having no experience evaluating coffee flavours, the closest I can come to describing the taste is that the Ethiopian single source (as well as the Rift Valley blend that I ordered when the Ethiopian single source wasn't available) is uniformly sweet and mellow with a lot of depth to the flavour of these coffees. I drink about a pot of coffee during my mornings and Ethiopian is definitely my coffee of choice.

Jessandra Phillips
Best coffee

This coffee makes the best espresso! You don’t have to make espresso from dark coffee, try a medium like Ethiopian. Delicious. Getting a 5lb box delivered is great and it’s always the freshest. I love Level Ground.

Excellent coffee

Dark roast Ethiopian beans have been my #1 coffee for many years. I always appreciate the Level Ground Trading coffee & excellent customer service.