Hand holds espresso in white cup, croissant in background

Easy Ways to Make Better Coffee Now

A list of 8 easy practices you can adopt into your coffee preparation, process, and storage to quickly improve your coffee game! • Clean Your Equipment Don’t be afraid to really pull apart your machine and give it a deep clean. Whether it is a coffee pot, French press, or any other method, soap and water will do the trick. We recommend cleaning it frequently, as coffee oils can build up on your equipment and will impart unwanted flavours on your cup.

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Male Colombian farmer holds bin of red coffee cherries, coffee trees beside

Meet Colombian Coffee Farmer Jaime

Meet Jaime, the Face of Colombia Coffee. Jaime lives near Jardín, Colombia, where he grows coffee and fruits like lulo, a popular fruit among urban Colombians. His coffee plot is 2,000 meters above sea level, which makes his coffee a favourite among specialty coffee drinkers. At this high elevation the coffee ‘cherries’ ripen very slowly and the flavour concentrates in the beans. These are called "hard beans." Jaime's coffee also earns Direct Fair Trade premiums through the “Programa San Miguel” and his coffee is shipped to Level Ground directly. 

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Closeup on two ripe red and green mangos on tree

Dried Fruit from a Vancouverite's perspective

The following is an excerpt from Jenn Co's article on her time visiting Fruandes. Find out what Jenn's experience was like at the Fruandes production warehouse as she helped out with preparing fresh mango to be dried and packaged dried fruit to be shipped. 

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