Closeup cross section dragon fruit, help by child

What is Dragon Fruit?

Find out more about this fun and delicious fruit which is grown in South America! It's a dragon! No, it's a fruit! Well, actually ... it's a cactus. Dragon fruit is the delicious, yet dangerously spiky, yellow fruit that comes from cactus varieties in South America. In North America, we're accustomed to a bright pink dragon fruit, which typically comes from Asia.  In China the fruit is referred to as huǒlóng guǒ (火龍果), which translates to 'fire dragon fruit'! The juicy yellow dragon fruit we have is grown in Colombia - its real name is Pitahaya, but in English its nickname 'dragon fruit'...

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Water poured from kettle into french press on scale

How to Brew: French Press Coffee

Two quick step-by-step tutorials explaining how to use the french press brew method. METHOD #1: LEVEL GROUND METHOD Recipe: 55g coarse grind coffee, 1L of water • Add ground coffee into press. • Add water, just off the boil. Pour water in with lots of turbulence, saturating the grounds. • Stir with a non-metalic spoon. • Place the lid on, and press just below level. • Let stand for 4 minutes. • Pour. Enjoy!

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Aeropress on blue mug

How to Brew: Aeropress Coffee

Two quick step-by-step tutorials explaining how to use the Aeropress brew method. METHOD #1: LEVEL GROUND METHOD Warning: we use the inverted method. There is no reason to be afraid of it. Let's conquer that fear together! Recipe: 1 1/2 scoops ground coffee, enough water to fill the aeropress METHOD: • Put the top chamber inside the bottom chamber and turn over. • Add 1 ½ aeropress scoops of ground coffee (or 3 tbsp) *it's a really, really good idea to use the funnel to add the coffee. If grinds get into the top, step 6 might get tricky! • Fill with...

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Two outstretched hands hold fresh golden berries

What are Golden Berries?

Find out more about these flavourful little berries that are native to Peru and Colombia! Golden berries go by various names and sound mythical – berries made of gold! In the northern hemisphere, they’re commonly called ‘cape gooseberries’, (not to be confused with normal gooseberries). In their native countries of Colombia and Peru they are called ‘uchuva’ or ‘Peruvian groundcherries’, are known by ‘poha’ in Hawaii and are sometimes referred to by their scientific name of ‘physalis’ (although their full name is Physalis peruviana).  They are native to Peru and Colombia as the elevation in the mountainous slopes is perfect...

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Golden berry farmer standing in front of golden berry bush

Meet Colombian Golden Berry Farmer Albeiro

Albeiro is a husband, father, and one of fifteen farmers who grow organic golden berries as a member of Biofruit NAPOLI. He is a trained Agronomist from Bogota.  He is a trained Agronomist from Bogota, Colombia. When his father, Hernan, joined the golden berry association, Albeiro moved back to Nariño to join his family. Albeiro holds a university degree, and is a great asset to the community where the average education ends at elementary school.  He is now the leader of Biofruit NAPOLI, the Golden Berry Association, and advocate for organic production. 

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Male banana farmer standing outside

Meet Colombian Banana Farmer Orlando

Meet Orlando, Leader of The Banana Farmers’ Association, And King Of Organic.   Even without a word of English, Orlando is one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet. His smile and laugh announce his presence everywhere he goes. Quick to make jokes, Orlando draws people near: family, friends, and visitors. But don't let that fool you - Orlando is dead serious about one thing: organic farming. Orlando's success has allowed him to spread the impact throughout his family. His brothers, who were stuck working in coca production, called Orlando to ask for help. His response: to take them in...

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Male dragon fruit farmer holds package and smiles

Meet Colombian Dragon Fruit Farmer Simon

Meet Simon, Leader of The Dragon Fruit Farmers Association. Simon and his wife Nancy live just outside of Pitalito, Colombia. It's a small town, even by Colombian standards. The trek to Simon's farm is incredible, the colours of each building flash by as you ride in the back of his truck.  As the leader of the dragon fruit farmers association, Simon's role is to bring the five farmers together. He builds capacity, amalgamates orders and takes care of the members. The five members of the association consist of himself, his brother Fernando, and three men who used to be labourers on Simon's land. 

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