Meet Tea Grower Tenzing

Tea farmer and child in tea garden laugh

Tenzing is a small-scale tea grower in Assam, India.

He's committed to organic tea cultivation because he's seen the impact of chemicals firsthand. Tenzing tells a story of a labourer in a tea garden with a spray pack, full of chemicals.  The container started to leak onto the labourer's neck. The labourer urgently took off his shirt to rinse in a nearby pond. As he rinsed the shirt, fish died and floated to the pond's surface. Upon witnessing this event, Tenzing committed to organic tea production!

Closeup tea sprig
Eight loose leaf teas next to its relating brewed mug of tea


Since converting to organic, Tenzing has become a role model. He educates and promotes organic cultivation in his region. His passion is spreading so that more of his neighbours are working in a chemical-free environment, producing healthy tea! 

Tea garden with stilted house in background

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