How Much Caffeine is in Decaf Coffee?

How Much Caffeine is in Decaf Coffee?

So how much caffeine is really in decaf coffee?

0.1mg. Helpful, right? 

But what does 0.1mg mean? Well, a typical 8oz cup of coffee (a diner mug size) contains 100mg of caffeine. So a cup of decaf coffee has about 0.1% of the caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee. For reference, a single chocolate chip has more caffeine than a cup of our decaf coffee.


The math? You’d need to drink 1,000 (yes, one thousand!) cups of decaf coffee to get the same caffeine effect as regular coffee. That’s over 2000 L of coffee!


Are all decaf coffees the same? No. By law, all decaf coffee must be at least 97% caffeine-free. The most caffeine you’d get from a cup of coffee would be 3mg.


How is your coffee decaffeinated? Our coffee uses the Swiss Water Process in Vancouver. Organic, fair trade, single origin coffee beans are shipped into Vancouver, where they are decaffeinated and sent to us. Learn more about the process here.


Looking for additional decaf reading? Swiss Water has great resources here.


Ready to buy some great decaf coffee for your home? SHOP DECAF COFFEE.

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